About JesusMosaics

JesusMosaics are a new and unique expression of classic mosaic art. They are created using hundreds of classic paintings of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother, mainly from the Renaissance period. Thousands of individual images were taken from paintings by masters like Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Rembrandt, da Vinci and many others. The hundreds of images that make up each JesusMosaic are large enough to be individually viewed.

Each mosaic is created from images that match the main subject. For instance, the “Sacred Heart of Jesus” is created using hundreds of images of Jesus. The “Immaculate Heart of Mary” is created with images of Mary. The “Madonna of the Lilies” depicts both Baby Jesus and the Blessed Mother so it contains images of both of them. In a JesusMosaic of a Saint, images are used that represent that particular Saints devotion to Jesus, Mary or both; as individually required. Overall, in JesusMosaics, you can see and enjoy hundreds of different famous paintings of the faces of Jesus and/or the Virgin Mary.

Unframed prints are printed on photo quality (47 lb 9-mil glossy) paper. We recommend that they be framed under glass.

All Jesusmosaics are printed with long lasting genuine Epson ink. They will retain their beautiful color and appearance for decades to come.

JesusMosaics represent the finest balance between craftsmanship, quality materials and long lasting color that is currently available.

Glory to God, we’re happy to offer you all of our JesusMosaics.
May the JesusMosaics you select be a blessing to you.
Thank you.



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