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Whenever you are purchasing services or products over the internet, you should be careful to conduct investigations of your own. This goes for all websites, including this one.

Recommendations in Good Faith
This website’s owners recommend services and products because they believe that they will be of benefit to the person purchasing them. This good faith belief is based on the fact that the website owners have either tried the services or products beforehand, or have researched either the services or products themselves, or the history of the suppliers. The owners make these recommendations from their own honest opinions founded on  information understood by the owners when these services or products are exhibited on the website.

The owners have verified the testimonials on this website in any way feasible. They are to be taken as average consumer expectations based on the knowledge available when they were published. To the best of our knowledge, they are not exaggerated user results, which we do not endorse. Research has been done to substantiate their validity. The owners do not knowingly publish any claims which sound untrue.

The owners do not provide assurance that any excerpts from other blogs, forums, reviewers, or other user comments, are provable findings. Everyone is firmly advised to do their own due diligence before purchasing a service or product featured on this website.

We try to do business always with honesty and integrity. If you should discover something on our website you find fault with, please email us and we will check it out. We reserve the right to cease displaying any service or product that does not meet our level of approval without prior notice.

The owners of this website have a material relationship with the suppliers of the services and products displayed on this site, and will be compensated when someone visits the supplier website or makes a purchase.  The compensation will vary according to the type of relationship, whether an affiliate relationship or merely  one which only advertises the supplier’s website.

Questions About Purchases
Our objective is to make excellent services and products available to you. Although any issues with your purchases should be followed through with the companies you bought from, we would appreciate it if you would contact us with any problems.  That is the only way we can maintain a top quality website.